Why we should legalize murder for hire

I didn’t write this, but I couldn’t have said it better myselfimage

Why We Should Legalize Murder for Hire
I’ll be the first to admit it; hit men are shady. But they are shady because they are doing work that no one else wants to do, work that is, in fact, illegal. By labeling contract killing a “crime,” we have obscured the fact that hit men provide a valuable service to society.

Many women find themselves trapped in unwanted marriages. Matrimony severely curtails a woman’s freedom, and husbands can be unreasonably demanding. A woman in such a situation is vulnerable. She sees only one way out, and so she makes the difficult decision to kill her husband.

But the inconvenient truth is that a woman hiring a hit on her husband will likely have to pay tens of thousands of dollars, with no guarantee that the kill will actually take place. Legalizing the transaction would remove uncertainty. Hired guns could be vetted, trained, and held to professional standards of safety. No one wants a hit to go bad. Removing the threat of prosecution would drastically lower the cost of contract killings. Legalizing murder for hire would bring a sordid industry into the light.

While divorce may be an attractive alternative to murder for hire in most cases, some women do not have the emotional and financial resources to go through a divorce. A contested divorce can take more than a year to resolve. After attorneys drain the couple’s finances, the woman will be left with little money to get on with her life. Additionally, a discrete and well-timed hit protects a husband from the pain of discovering that he is no longer wanted. A truly skilled assassin can take his target painlessly in an instant, without any suffering. The end of a marriage can potentially ruin a woman’s life, but if her husband can be taken out quickly and cleanly, it can be a new beginning for her.

Murder for hire is an uncomfortable subject, and I personally could never order a hit. The better course is to avoid unwanted marriage in the first place. Yet this is not a decision that anyone else can make for a woman. It is her marriage; only she can decide when it must end.

I realize readers may be hesitant to endorse this proposal, but stop to consider the profound way that the legalization of abortion has taken away the stigma against a woman who wants to kill her child. Abortion was once considered murder and thus could only be obtained secretly and at great risk to women. Now, our country celebrates women who exercise their choice to kill their family members. Why shouldn’t we extend this right, and give women the choice to kill their partners?


Airlines official addresses public


For the first time since the tragic plane crash at San Francisco in which two teenagers were killed, Assiana Airlines has issued a public statement. The Airlines has been strangely silent since the accident, coming out only to announce their intentions to prosecute KTVU over reporting false names if the pilots who crashed the 777.
But now Airline officials are ready to face the public.
Taking the podium today, Airline President and CEO Fong Le Jungh addressed reporters and a small audience of survivors and family of the victims. “We are very saddened at the loss of three loyal customers” Fong began, “Our customers mean the world to us, and we value each and every one. And it saddens us, that there are now three people who will never fly Assiana again, that will never buy another plane ticket. But today is not a day of mourning. Today we rejoice. Today we are so glad for the 288 customer who were not killed. We hope that this does not encourage our loyal customers to fly other airline. We hope our loyal customers remain loyal”
Fong went on to explain how they were pursuing a wrongful death suit against the fire department responsible for running over and killing a customer of Assiana airlines, in the chaos following the accident. Fong announced that he estimates the slain customers could have spent as much as $15,000 on airfare in the next 10 years.


I once knew a man who got married. The woman he married had a list of things she was gonna change about him, and as soon as they were married, she went to work on him, to turn him into the man she wanted him to be. First the wardrobe went out, then the friends. She did not see him as someone she loved, but as someone with potential to be someone who pleased her. This scenario is sadly, fairly common. I would contend that she does not actually love him, but she is using him to fulfill her desires.

I know a man, who is sort of the unruly type. He has spent a good portion of his life incarcerated. He is a slave to addictions and has successfully alienated himself from all his siblings. He has brought much shame and sorrow and heartache to his father. When this man’s father passed away, and the family was going through his stuff, they discovered letters and letters to his wife, about how great his love was, for this particular son of his.

How much greater is our Father in heaven’s love for us?
Our Father who created us and loves us with a perfect infinite love. He loves us, not cause we love him, but loved us while we were despicable wretched sinners. Before we were washed clean by his blood.
Do we view God as that nagging controlling spouse, who looked out and said, “yeah, I think I can do something with that person. He/she seems workable, I should be able to change them into who I want”
If you found out your spouse had such a list for you, would you not feel used? Feel like you didn’t measure up? Feel like you were not actually suitable. Would you rather a spouse that loves you for who you are, or one that loves you for what they think they can make out of you?

His love for us is not dependent on what we do, but who we are. He loves us for the worthless decrepit sinners that we are.
The moment we think our relationship with him, or our salvation, is dependent upon any action of ours, other than repentance, we are doomed!


After 12 hours of driving today, a total of over 3,300 miles and 54 hours in the past two weeks, we arrived safely home without so much as a door ding or flat tire! God is good and has been watching out for us. While its sad to leave so many friends behind, it feels good to be in my bed for the first time in over two months.

And now, I have to get up in 4.5 hours to take Trevor to his race in the morning, so goodnight

The Midwest

Leaving the madness of New York City, we couldn’t wait to get to the slow quiet country.

We made one detour to see the headquarters of General Stonewall Jackson, a hero of both of ours.


Stone Wall Jackson’s headquarters. The history here is a little Rocky.

Virginia is chock full of civil war history, and if we were to stop at every battlefield just along the freeway, it would take a couple weeks, and since we were hoping to catch up with the Myers in TN by dinner time, we just drove. We exited I-40 to find to our dismay, that Gatlinburg is one of the biggest tourist trap east of the mississippi. About 7 miles of amusement parks, helicopter tours, dinner shows, freak shows, museums, water parks and TRAFFIC greeted us! Making it through the madness and escaping to the relief of the Smokey Mountains, (Which aren’t smokey at all, but are usually laced with wisps of fog) we were really glad to finally catch up with the Myers! some of them we haven’t seen since 2005! We enjoyed some great fellowship, Zip lining and just visiting various tourist traps with them!


Sitting on the deck of their cabin pondering life and all things related


They took us to a candy store. that was sweet of them!

We went to see the glass bottomed “Sky Bridge”. It spans half way across a gorge


this is actually an abridged version.

Looking down through the glass, the views are clearly gorgeous

I was dared to jump on the glass after Mr Myers was convinced it wasn’t very structural, in hopes I would go Plummeting to my death and Annie could have my car and camera.

“Up” for the challenge.

When it comes “down to it”, I’m not that suicidal.

Next stop was Arkansas, to visit our dear friend Sage. Sage lives in this cute little house on a beautiful lake where she is taking care of her incredible Grandma and her Grandma’s Husband. They all welcomed us with open arms and made us feel Very welcome, even though they don’t even know us. We very much enjoyed visiting, swimming, Kayaking, touring the little town, and on Tuesday Morning, Captain Sage took us out on her boat for a tour of the lake.

Not wanting to get tangled up in the decorations of halloween, Sage insisted, these are her friends and pets.

Sage spotted these two bald birds with her eagle eyes!

“Chilling” on the Boat, They are so “cool”

We then followed Sage to her home in OK. We had Way too much fun with the Naylors, Playing Volleyball, hanging Drywall, Canning Peaches, hanging out, talking, running, laughing till our ears exploded. (not kidding) getting coffee, cracking jokes, discussing chi and staying up WAY too late

Thinking we would find out all about cha, we were disappointed to find nothing but beverages!

Canning was pretty peachy

We went to watch Tera at her glass class. SHe makes AMAZING things out of glass! it was really incredible!

I have never seen anyone make a plate before. it Blew my mind!

We were sad to leave, but life must go on. all too soon we had to say goodbye, and head west, closer to our home and the end of our trip.

It was fun! all y’all’s hospitality was amazing and we Thank God for each of you! we are Truly blessed to know you and to have been able to spend time with you all!

Till we meet again!

You can see what I did here!


A hustle and Bustle that makes LA feel small and uncrowded. A bus stop that is 4 stories tall. Crowds that make the stands at the superbowl feel empty. Times square with its huge TV screens for billboards and all it’s HUGE shops. Broadway with its World famous musicals, Carnegie Hall. Everything here is famous! What’s not to like about it. The buildings are stunningly tall, and leave you with a sense of awe. The streets all so chock full of taxis, just watching this sea of Yellow function and flow through the city can be fascinating. I was born and raised in LA, and this city just leaves me staring in amazement.



When we escaped  the subway, and found ourselves staring up at these massive sky scrapers, when I thought, This is it! This is N-Y-C. We’re here. We’re in it, it struck me. This, will most definitely be an adventure!




Everyone in NYC is trying to sell something. Most of them are trying to sell tickets to a comedy show. It can’t be that great for how desperately they are trying to unload these Things. The first guy that approached us, was friendly enough. Even though we didn’t want to buy his tickets, he still wanted to chat about where we were from and whatnot.
We ventured on through the various shops and up or down broadway. I’m not sure which. An M&M store that was 3 stories tall, and sold nothing but M&M paraphernalia. A toys R us with a ferris wheel inside, or the 40 billion souvenir shops.




As we neared central park, a guy duped us into renting some cheap bikes for two hours to tour the park. The park is over 800 acres so it made sense. I think the only thing it really made was cents. I think central park is the only sane place in NYC. it’s probably only sane on a weekday afternoon but it was really nice. The roads however are not sane, they wrap around in random fashion so that you instantly lose your bearings and get lost. I lost my map before I even entered the park. All the roads are one way, and I got lost in 60 seconds. We stumbled across 2 of the 75,000 sights in the park before our two hours were up and we had to go return the bikes.



We looked at a couple random sights, the underground Apple store that has a glass cube on the street and the empire State Building, and then found ourselves on the wrong street. A bunch of shops that have two or three items inside. Two purses and a watch,  each retailing probably over $10,000 a piece, and a bunch of hotels with Bentlys for taxis out front. We quickly fled, fearing we trip and fall, break something and become indebted for eternity.



We escaped back to broadway, and begin the long trek back up the way we came. It’s late afternoon, I’m tired, my backpack is throwing out my shoulder and my camera strap is rubbing my neck raw. The street seems more crowded this time, and everyone is STILL trying to get their picture with me and sell me tickets to a comedy show. The street performers are really aggressive in demanding money. And everyone is trying to give me something I don’t want, and then demand money. Hello Kitty acosts Annie and insists on getting her picture. Then she wants money for forcing Annie to take a picture with her. By now I’m ready to get out of this place, I’m sick of it. I walk into a bus terminal called the Port Authority, and I came in a different way than I left. I haven’t got the slightest clue of where to start looking for my gate, so I head over to Information. A guy standing next to the booth asks me what I’m looking for. I tell him, and he says, “oh it’s over here, I’ll show you”. And takes me over 4 levels of this crazy place. He was so helpful and polite. And kept saying how it was just his job. And I kept thinking, now this is the type of guy I’d like to tip. Until he got me to the gate and he demanded a tip. I suddenly hate him. I feel used. I feel like I my trust in Human decency has been exploited. I opened my wallet, all I had was a $20. I asked if he had change, and he said, no, That was the price. Snatched up the $20 and walked off. My faith in all humanity was shattered. I have no faith in Human goodness. I’m pretty sure if someone here smiled at you, they would want a tip.

If you ever come visit LA, you will find it a small, clean, friendly town. You can look at someone and smile and wave. Chances are, they will ignore you, but if they don’t, And they actually look back at you, they won’t try to extort every last penny out of you. If you ask someone for directions, chances are, they will send you in the opposite direction, and half the time on purpose. But they won’t ask for your money. Street performers are often too doped up to even ask, so they just put a hat out.  Tips are exactly that. A voluntary gratuity to reward good service And most people just mind their own business


I felt that this officer just had the perfect mustache, and should receive a commendation for being a “model” officer


These two were engaged in a spirited argument. She was trying to pay the costumed character to get her picture with him, and he was trying to convince her that it wasn’t a costume.


This final picture basically sums up NYC perfectly. An antiquated useless attraction that nobody wants, uses or even remember how to use. and even IT wanted a tip! :0

Philadelphia and a history lesson

Some friends wanted me to post pictures of my trip to Philadelphia, I don’t use my camera much, but here are a few shots I snapped Image

This is a Building constructed by Benjamin Franklin in 1790 in an effort to improve and populate the city of Philadelphia. Franklin was a 3rd degree Mason. That would be todays equivalent to a Journeyman Image

Yes, Patrick Henry was regularly subjected to a full body pat down. Image


The Building where our founding Fathers met and drafted Democracy and National healthcare.



The Liberty Bell. The theory here, was that it would ring out Liberty across the land. nobody knows if it has actually ever rang since 1783Image


Walt Disney was originally awarded the contract to construct the original housing for the Liberty Bell, Prior to it’s arrival in Philadelphia. efforts to complete the project before the scheduled celebration on July 4th 1776, resulted in the bell cracking due to improper climatization. As a result, the founding Father’s made Walter Disney remove the mouse ears, he had originally designed. Walter, furious about the forced change, went to John Jay and filed a patent on the name Disney, and refused to let the founders use it for the name of the country, as originally planned. This ended the relationship between the U.S Government and the Disney Corp. Disney went on to make people believe in themselves and magic, and the U.S went into making people believe in paper money, freedom and moon landings.

The Atlantic Ocean was approximately 7′ higher than the Pacific Ocean, this was, until the Panama Canal was carved out, which in fact, allowed the two oceans to balance out, and now we have a standard we can call, “Sea Level”